We are Chrismon Chorale Now

Following a two-year COVID-induced suspension of choral activity, Twin Cities Master’sChorale is eagerly, optimistically, and enthusiastically resuming rehearsals and concerts for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 Concert Season, re-vitalized and re-imagined — even with a new name. TCMC is now Chrismon Chorale.

Rehearsals began September 6 in a new location — Cedar Valley Church in Bloomington.

Fall concerts will occur on November at St Paul-Reformation Lutheran (7:30 pm, Friday,11/11), Bloomington Covenant (7:30 pm, Saturday,11/12), and Presbyterian Church of the Way (4:30 pm, Sunday, 11/13).

About the new name: The Chorale began as Contati Evangelica, and was renamed Twin Cities Master’s Chorale when it was officially incorporated as a nonprofit organization. As the Board of Directors began to re-imagine the Chorale, they determined that, with its “fresh start,” the timing was again right to give it a new name.

The term “chrismon” is a contraction of the Latin phrase “Christi monogramma” — “monogram of Christ”. Since early Christianity, “chrismon” has referred to any symbol or figure that represents the name of Christ. A common chrismon is the chi (X)-rho (P) — in Greek, the first two letters in Christ (ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ, Khristos). This new name represents the Chorale’s mission to embody Christ through its music, from ancient to contemporary, and the truth contained in its message.